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Doctors Refusing to Prescribe Ortho Evra Patch

By Hilary White

NEW YORK, November 22, 2005 ( - The recent flurry of publicity surrounding the Ortho Evra contraceptive patch has resulted in some doctors refusing to prescribe the deadly drug. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that some doctors do not want to take chances after the manufacturer began including warnings of fatalities and stroke related to the patch.

Lee Shulman, incoming board chair of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals and a consultant to Ortho-McNeil, said the company expected a "decrease in use" of the patch.

The patch is worn on the skin and delivers a massive dose of progestin and estrogen to the blood stream. The manufacturers, Ortho-McNeil, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, have agreed under pressure from lawsuits and the Food and Drug Administration, to include warnings of stroke and blood clot-related deaths to its packaging.

Dozens of suits are pending against the company for death and injuries related to the patch. To date, nearly twenty women have died as a result of wearing it.

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1 comment:

  1. Dorothy Vining2:21 PM

    Perhaps my recent letter in the Waterbury Republican-American is appropriate here:

    I am intrigued by Phyllis Chickering's letter of December 4 in which she seems unable to see any of the disastrous consequences of artificial contraception. Perhaps she does not remember, as I do, before the birth control pill, when it was very rare for a girl in high school to get pregnant. Nowadays it is not unusual for school personnel to take a pregnant student to the local abortion clinic without parental permission. Nevermind that the teenager could profit by the love and advice of her parents. Nevermind that the parents will have to pay for the medical aftermath of a botched abortion. Nevermind that abortions have psychological consequences such as depression and suicide and the parent doesn't have a clue. Nevermind that a grandchild is killed. Some states are passing parental notification laws to prevent such takeover of parents' rights.

    To get back to the birth control pill, rather than preventing pregnancy, the pill actually gives permission to teenagers to play around with sex, thinking they will not get pregnant, thinking they do not need a committed relationship first. And what happens? Most abortions are the result of failed contraception, not unavailable contraception. Whereas fear of pregnancy used to prevent girls from "going all the way," they now think they have a right to sex without consequences. Not only do they get pregnant but they also acquire one or more STDs, some causing death, others sterility. Boyfriends think they, too, have a right to sex without responsibility, and we get exactly what Chickering hates: "babies shaken and bashed about by mothers' live-in boyfriends."

    Remember when girls waited until they were married to have a baby? Then they did not have to fear pregnancy. Then the father was around to do the Daddy thing and support Mom and baby. Then we didn't have all these unwed mothers without income, supported by the state, who think their only option is to do the very unnatural thing of killing their own child! It is not normal for a mother to want to destroy the child in her womb. She can grieve a lifetime for her lost baby.

    Yes, I agree that contraceptives have had evil consequences. They give permission to fornicate with abortion as the back-up plan. Self-control, reason and responsibility are out the window! Abortions have increased, not decreased. Sexually transmitted diseases are soaring. Kids think that sex is a plaything and if a baby gets in the way, well, just get rid of it! No wonder children are no longer valued. No wonder men think of women as objects to be used and discarded.

    As I see it, birth control pills (or patches) change healthy, self-respecting women, deserving of real men, into hormonally-deranged toys for boys. Not only will they decrease her resistance to infection and other diseases, but they decrease her libido and mess up her psyche.

    Buy stock in pharmaceutical companies. There's big money in degrading women.