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  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    i'm wondering out loud-- what happens when u tell someone (woman to woman kinda thing)that u use nfp? i really got ticked when this chic started spewing off about what's the difference b-tween a condom & nfp! i couldn't even get a word in!

    so i guess there's 2 questions--what do u say to that? & what's up with these people?

  2. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Re the difference between using a condum and NFP: With NFP sex is as it was designed to be (and more enjoyable). You might compare sex with a condom with bulimia. In bulimia one seeks the pleasure of eating but frustrates its purpose, i.e. nutrition. Eating and then purging is similar to having sex and tossing the sperm out in a condom. In each case rather than using self-control the act is rendered unnatural and perverse.

  3. People know these things, they know the truth; it speaks to their heart, if they would just take the time to listen.

    Evengelizing can be such a challenge. How can someone honestly think that the marriage act with a condom is the way God intended?

    Did you ever see that picture on the cover of the book New Perspectives on Contraception? It's got a couple kissing with bags over their heads. It's an odd looking picture, but it made perfect sense to me (Kevin didn' get it).

    Let's just just keep praying.

    Don't forget the Novena Mass to Sts. Ann & Joachim at St. Mary's in Norwalk on Friday July 16. We'll be praying for a return to marital chastity. Check our website for details: