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McCain vs Obama- my NYTimes comment

Here is what is important to this McCain/Palin supporter-
John McCain and Sarah Palin are PRO-LIFE. When Barack Obama was voting AGAINST the Infant's Born Alive Protection ACT, which would save babies who survived botched abortions, McCain was casting his 100% PRO-LIFE vote! A nation that would kill its own children will never be propserous or peaceful! If Barack Obama cares about the welfare of people of color, have him shut down the abortion clinics which are found in the majority of poor, black neighborhoods. Abortion clinics target the obliteration of the poor minorities.

As for foreign policy and a nation at war: put me in the hands of an experienced and no-nonsense leader who I can envision as COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. He's been there- he's spilled his blood for this country, while Obama was attending school in INDONESIA!

And please DO NOT compare Obama to JFK- JFK (as flawed as he was) coined the phrase "ask not what this country can do for you..." Obama has turned that phrase on its head!
Look beyond the grouchy and aging exterior as opposed to being conned by a youthful "disarming smile" , as one Obama supporter put it. The same mindset that would cast aside the unborn, would put a graying McCain on a shelf.

Fortitude and self-sacrifice is what I see in McCain. 21st -century commercialism is what I see in Obama.

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