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NFP vs. Contraception

Created completely by Seminarians from the Diocese of Lansing and Saginaw (and friends), this and two other videos shot as a spin-off on the popular Mac vs. PC commercials, have had over 9,000 YouTube hits in the past 6 days.

This clip was shot on July 26. As those of you who are NFP-ers know, that date is the anniversary of Humanae Vitae and part of our NFP Week commemoration.

We are grateful for enthusiastic and evangelical seminarians who will be the catalyst to our New Pentecost!

Visit YouTube to view two others in their series.


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Actually, the actors are from the diocese of Lansing. The writer/producer, the editor, and the distributor are all Saginaw guys...

  2. Kudos to all the Lansing and Saginaw guys, et al!!! You make us proud!