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Obama:Is this the change we're really looking for?

We all knew Obama was pro-abortion, and he did not mince words when asked what he would do if his young daughters were faced with an out of wedlock pregnancy.

Drawing gasps from pro-life advocates today over comments he made during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania over the weekend, the leading Democratic presidential candidate appeared to back a potential decision by his daughters to seek an abortion saying he wouldn't "punish" them with a baby.

While these comments were not part of a prepared speech, but occured during a speech addressing AIDS, they would reveal some of the underlying belief of our would-be presidential candidate.

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    I like your prolife blog. Please keep it up. I will be linking you to my blog.

    My blog is about people with same sex attraction who are struggling to be chaste. I hope you can link my blog to yours too. By the way, Im a member of Courage Philippines.

    God bless.