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Surprised lawyer finds Terry Schiavo alert

Attorney Barbara Weller visits with Terry Schiavo and her family in her hospital room on Christmas Eve.

It seems Terry made quite an impression on Weller. You can read her full acount here.

"The thing that surprised me the most about Terri as I took my turn to greet her by the side of her chair was how beautiful she is. I would have expected to see someone with a sallow and gray complexion and a sick looking countenance. Instead, I saw a very pretty woman with a peaches and cream complexion and a lovely smile, which she even politely extended to me as I introduced myself to her. I was amazed that someone who had not been outside for so many years and who received such minimal health care could look so beautiful. She appeared to have an inner light radiating from her face. I was truly taken aback by her beauty, particularly under the adverse circumstances in which she has found herself for so many years."


  1. Yes, I read about this recently. Euthanasia is abhorent, as are the motives of Terry Schiavo's husband to starve his wife to death(I suspect).

    May God's will be done.

    God Bless.

  2. Anonymous6:50 PM

    My best wishes & prayers go to Terry & her family ....
    I believe that her husband is hiding something awful and is afraid she will someday be able to tell what happened!

  3. Anonymous2:18 PM

    It seems to me that Terry Schiavio's husband has been living with his common law wife for more than 4 years. If I understand right, he has been with her for about 15 years. That makes him legally married to the other woman and no longer married to Terry Schiavio. He can not be married to two women at the same time. This is bigamy which is against the law to have two wives at the same time. I also believe that this case should be given to the FBI for possible criminal investigation since it was reported that a nurse observed him on two occasions giving her injections under her breast. It seems that shortly thereafter her condition worsened. Appeal for her to be kept alive on this basis to verify to what these injections were and to take in for questioning as to what these injections were and as to why he felt he had the right to give her those injections. I feel he should be subjected by the court for a polygraph test. This alone needs to be done while she is still alive. And she should pass away the FBI and the parents should have a right to an appeal to have an autopsy. May God's GRACE be with her.

  4. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Listen to Nurse Iyer's interview on Fox (on the homepage of this website). Michael Schiavo will answer to the Just Judge someday. God help him.