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"Planned Parenthood Lies" Billboard

A billboard has been placed in the Des Moines area that says "Planned Parenthood Lies," quoting a statement from Jenny in her testimony that she personally gave at the Iowa State Capitol building. Jenny decided to go public in order to hopefully save other girls from the pain that she herself lived through and still lives with because of the deceptive methods of Planned Parenthood.

It's easy for adults to criticize Jenny and say that she should have "taken responsibility" by using contraception. But there lies the deception--Planned Parenthood knows that 54% of all abortions are due to "failed" contraception. On the other hand, only 8% of abortions are from non contraception users.

If you connect the dots, Planned Parenthood has been receiving government funding in the millions with false promises to reduce pregnancy and abortion by promoting contraception. They laugh all the way to the bank knowing that their contraception lie feeds their abortion business and pads their pockets with tax dollars.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in America and has radically impacted our educational system and politics through its extreme goals to sexualize our children. They stated years ago, "Adults should help young people obtain sex satisfaction before marriage. By sanctioning sex before marriage, we will prevent fear and guilt." PP Seminar 1953

They have been sexualizing our kids or killing them for decades. Either way, it's very serious and we hope that citizens in Iowa and the U.S. will demand that our government stop funding Planned Parenthood and get us back on track to promote life and help prevent abortion and sexually transmitted diseases.


  1. God willing, people will start learning the truth.

    How can you tell the PP staffer is lying? Her lips are moving.

  2. Her testimony is excellent; I only wish they let it stand on its own without the man's commentary.

  3. If 54% of abortions are due to "failed" contraception then that would mean 46% were not using contraception. But if you carefully read PP's literature you will see that a woman who normally uses condoms but doesn't use them all the time and women who normally take birth control pills but don't take them consistently are included in the 54%. The reality is that most women who have abortions were not using any form of contraception at the time that they became pregnant.

  4. Contraceptive failure includes the inconsistency of use, i.e.; forgetting to use/take it, too lazy to use/take it, etc. If a woman is on the Pill, but forgets or opts not to take it, is she using contraception?

    That is part of the failure of contraception.

  5. In the U.S., the average pregnancy rate for women who rely on natural family planning is 25% per year. Obviously, many of these women have poor knowledge of NFP methods, or poor support in abstaining from intercourse when they believe they have serious reasons to avoid pregnancy, or both. Better education is the solution to reducing this pregnancy rate, not telling people they should stop using NFP!

    Similarly, for those contraceptive users who are inconsistent, better education can give them the tools to become consistent users, and so reduce their unintended pregnancy rate. I don't think anyone has accused PP of not advocating for maximum education and support for contraception users. Rather, it is the pro-life lobby that has censored information about contraception and even promoted misinformation about contraception - this group holds more responsibility for people's poor use of contraceptives.

    Planned Parenthood has evolved. Quoting a statement from half a century ago is a poor way to represent an organization that now endorses and provides advice on how to stick with a decision to remain abstinent (here).

    There are many beautiful reasons to not use contraceptives, but promoting dubious conspiracy theories really does not help the image of this cause.

  6. A nod and a wink to abstinence is hardly promoting abstinence. PP has to touch on Abstinence to claim to be fair, but it doesn't mean they are unbiased.

    PP is the legacy of Margaret Sangerfrom the year 1912: and what has changed about the nature of sex since the beginning of time? Sex is sacramental and made by God for babies and bonding. Hardly the image Sanger proposed with her multiple weekly partners.

    And PP is still the same today-try looking at a teen PP site: it's all about getting the best sex you can whatever age you are. Tell me they are not out to promote sexual promiscuity and the abortions that follow.

  7. Anonymous3:37 PM

    If 54% of abortions are due to "failed" contraception then that would mean 46% were not using contraception.

    AND THAT WOULD MEAN 100% were having sex ..... which is a good reason to promote no sex before marriage... wasn't that the initial point of this topic?