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State level votes for the funding of Planned Parenthood

Do you know what Planned Parenthood is doing in your state? For my state, Connecticut, I am trying to find out. It reports performing 11,012 abortions annually. While a staggering amount in itself, I believe they contract out even more. There are four CT PP clinics that actually perform abortions, New Haven, Stamford, Norwich, and West Hartford. But there are far more non-PP clinics that perform abortions, including hospitals. Planned Parenthood can keep claiming they are keeping abortion safe, legal, and rare, but they will give them the abortion pill, RU-486 and send them home, or send them to a closer clinic for a surgical abortion. They can hide their numbers much easier that way.

According to Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of Connecticut, Connecticut's Planned Parenthood clinics receive $2.5 million annually directly from the federal government, for the same services paid by our Connecticut tax dollars! Planned Parenthood of Southern New England has had an average operating surplus of $1.5 million every year since 2008. And Gov. Malloy has done nothing to cut its funding, but will raise taxes for Connecticut taxpayers.

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  1. Have you read Unplanned? Great book about how one woman was duped by PP. In some ways it reminds me of what I used to think when I was young (except I never thought surgical abortions were okay).
    I've reviewed the book on my blog and will be reviewing the documentary DVD the first week of May. In addition, I"ll be giving away one copy so please stop by in a few weeks.

  2. I would recommend unPlanned to everyone, not only to pro-lifers. Anyone who is skeptical about the true nature of Planned Parenthood would get an eye opener. Her view actually gave me more empathy toward the PP volunteers and workers. Radical pro-lifers who yell and intimidate at clinics should read Abby's take. An all around excellent book.
    Look in Amazon favs in right sidebar for more info.