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For those with concerns about JPII's Beatification

George Weigel has answered some very pointed questions regarding the beatification of John Paul II. He addresses, among other topics, the priest sex scandals, appointment of Cardinals and Bishops, and  John Paul II's relationship with Fr. Maciel in this question and answer format article. While some still may not be convinced, it can't be denied the universal influence on vocations, priest and seminary reform, on the pro-life movement, on sexuality, on personal holiness of individuals, the list goes on.
The investigative process produced a massive, four-volume study that offers far more detail into the life and accomplishments of Karol Wojtyła, Pope John Paul II, than the American electorate was offered about the life and accomplishments of Barack Obama, or the British electorate was offered about the lives and accomplishments of David Cameron and Nick Clegg. The people complaining about a “rush” are typically “progressive” Catholics who never had much use for John Paul II because he didn’t turn Catholicism into another liberal Protestant denomination; or ultra-traditionalists who lament the fact that he didn’t restore the French monarchy, impose the Tridentine Mass in Latin on the entire Church, and burn dozens of German theologians in the Campo dei Fiori; or ill-informed journalists who can’t stop playing “gotcha” with the Catholic Church. Their criticisms are not taken seriously by serious people.
While not overly in-depth, it's a good starting point.

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