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Keep your Hands Off My Daughter!

The 2007 Recommended Immunization Schedule for children and adolescents also recommended that girls age 11 to 12 years of age receive a three-dose series of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, with the second dose two months after the first dose and the third dose at least four months after the second dose.The recommendation also allows for vaccination of girls beginning at nine years old as well as vaccination of girls and women 13-26 years old. HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer in women. More than 20 million men and women in the United States are currently infected with HPV and there are 6.2 million new infections each year.

So, STDs will no longer be a concern for young adults. Let's just keep making it easier to have sex. The truth is, this vaccine only protects against certain strains. It is not foolproof- but the public will think it is. Watch the cases of HPV rise after this immunization becomes widespread. Father Thomas E. from Human Life International reminds us that in 1960, before the widespread use of birth control and the legalization of abortion, there were three different types of STDs, called Venereal Diseases and we learned about them in school.Now there are over 100 strains of HPV alone!New Zealand Catholic Bioethicists reports it is morally acceptable due to the risk of non-consensual sex and marriage to an infected partner.

I am not falling for this one.


  1. If there was a vaccine that would prevent lung cancer, would the anti-smoking crowd say, "Oh, it's okay then!" I doubt it. Because they see smoking as an inherent evil.

    But sex is seen as an entitlement. To even suggest that restraint might possibly be appropriate in even limited cases in anethema to them.

    No, we must vaccinate our daughters -- telling them that we view them as nothing but a life-support system for a vagina, a system that must be maintained without breaking down.

  2. If a grown woman wants to get vaccinated because her "partner" has HPV, that's a different story. But to make it a mandatory vaccine to someone as young as nine...that's just plain sick. And nobody seems to be flinching at this one.