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Christian NewsWire says: "President Bush Files for Divorce with Catholic Base"

Is there any politician out there for us???

Plan B is going to be out there, thanks to von Eschenbach and Bush, not to mention Hillary. Why is this all hitting the fan right now? Because Hillary Clinton and some other key Dems in the Senate threatened to hold up von Eschenbach's nomination as FDA commish unless the process to make Plan B available OTC was moved forward. And here we are!

I guess we know what von Eschenbach is all about!

It is very easy to contact the White House: 202-456-1111
Call during business hours. Or email:
Let Bush know we are here and we are p*ssed!


  1. I have always had my doubts about how pro-life Bush really is. Exactly how many death-penalty executions were there in Texas while he was governor?

    As Catholics, we do need to make a statement in protest, both as a Church and individually.

    And keep praying...

    I fear that women will die unnecessarily from the effects of this 'plan b.' So what will it take for women to say, "enough?"

  2. "Is there any politician out there for us???"

    There are two good Catholic senators, Santorum and Brownback.

    Brownback is a convert and is mulling a run in 08.

  3. And in the meantime, Senators like Hillary Clinton can call the shots and force this Plan B to happen- which is exactly what she did.

    We can't sit around and wait for the time Santorum or Brownback can have more clout.

    This should not have happened!