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Vatican Time Warp

Just when I begin to get sucked into the mainstream media's take on the clergy scandals, along comes George Weigel-again- to wake me up. Time Magazine appears authoritative on the subject, but if anybody knows the inside workings of the Vatican, it certainly is Weigel. And he sets the record straight on the faults of Time Magazine- and most every other secular article on what the Catholic Church, and the Pope is. It's just too bad the people who read Time may not ever read George Weigel's rebuttals.

Weigel says:

The Time story may serve a useful purpose, however, in that it encapsulates, within ten pages, many of the things the world media continue to get wrong about the Catholic Church, the Vatican, and the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Here are a few of the more significant misunderstandings within Time’s cover story, although Time is hardly alone in
circulating these fictions...
He goes on to name what the media (yes, even Glen Beck) get wrong time after Time.

Vatican Time Warp - George Weigel - National Review Online

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