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The 43rd anniversary of Humanae Vitae

Today, July 25, the Feast of St. James, is also the anniversary of the much misunderstood encyclical Humanae Vitae, or "On the Regulation of Birth" by Pope Paul VI. Where do you stand with this dry, yet landmark encyclical? This brief article reveals some of the prophecies of the encyclical, if birth control was to become the norm. Did you know that it all began in Connecticut with the Griswold v. Connecticut decision?

As we all know, those prophecies came true, and it seems impossible to turn back the clock. But what does move ahead is research. Janet Smith, in her newest "Contraception:Why Not" talk, she reveals the research of anthropologist Lionel Tiger, on the behavior of male monkeys when subject to contracepted female monkeys. Interesting study, and it explains a lot.

This week is Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, a time to pray for an increase in chastity, within and outside of marriage. On the threshold of New York's decision to redefine marriage, and more states to follow suit, we need to pray more than ever.

This anniversary day, and this NFP Week, is a time to pray for all those who courageously embrace chastity, as a single, married, celibate, or same sex attraction. It is also a day to pray for those who don't.

Miserere nobis.

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