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Pro-Life Movement Scores Victory in Elections 2004

In races across the country and at diverse levels of government, voters once again demonstrated the strength of the pro-life movement in America on Election Day 2004.
Despite being outspent (as usual) by powerful pro-abortion political groups, the pro-life movement once again demonstrated that it has something the pro-abortion movement has never had: the support of the people!
Priests for Life wants to thank the many groups and individuals who gave so much time, effort, and sacrifice to elect pro-life candidates.
Of particular note is the Catholic vote in the 2004 election: Catholics voted for President Bush over Senator Kerry by 52 to 47. Among regular Mass-attending Catholics, votes went to President Bush by a 56-43 percent margin!
Now it becomes our task to work with these newly-elected leaders to bring about continued advances in the protection of the unborn. The legislative tasks ahead are painstaking and slow, and require immense patience. We are committed to working with each of you, so that with the same dedication and persistence we have all shown during the elections, we may translate electoral victories into legislative victories!
-- Fr. Frank Pavone

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