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Without 11th-hour help Terri Schindler-Schiavo will soon be starved to death. Husband Michael Schiavo -- thanks to yet another outrage by an activist judge -- again has permission to execute this courageous woman by removing her feeding tube.

Your quick help is needed! Please go to to see what is at stake not only for Terri but for all Americans. Here's the address:

Act NOW to spare Terri's life! The Schiavo family has asked Alan Keyes, Fr. Frank Pavone and all caring Americans to join with them and not only right this terrible wrong to their daughter, but fix the system that allows such judicial tyranny. First, sign petitions to Governor Bush to intervene, and to President George W. Bush to nominate only U.S. Supreme Court Justices who will faithfully interpret the Constitution as written -- and PROTECT INNOCENT LIFE. Then stand ready to help as encouraged by subsequent email alerts!

Here's your chance to stop judicial tyrants who blithely order the death of an innocent, handicapped woman while denying her the right to be fairly represented in court, refusing to honor her family's love or religious convictions, or even taking objective expert medical or forensic opinion into account. Send a message to activist judges everywhere by setting a precedent in this nationally publicized case. Here's where to make your stand:

America's conservatives and people of faith MUST re-establish the supremacy of the people's elected officials -- the legislature and the governor --over UN-elected and UN-accountable judges. Please read the petitions, and if you agree, immediately take this first step toward helping Terri by signing them today!

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  1. Anonymous2:37 AM

    The London Times - Saturday July 31, 2004 announced that it is no longer legal in Britain, by a supreme court judgement, for doctors to withdraw life-sustaining treatment (includes nourishment). This judgement was initiated by a patient who had the dread fear of being paralyzed and being cut off food and going for up to two weeks of agonizing pain and terror while waiting to die. I think this judgement is of interest to those who may be riding on the crest of the current trend of passive euthanasia (in my view, murder) -- because, even if they do not understand why this is wrong, perhaps they will take notice that the possibility of future law-suits is there... I pray that you will do all possible to save this young woman.