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John Paul II as a Pioneer of Woman's Human Rights

Amid accolades to our Holy Father, we hear the faint but nagging voices of those who now await a more "liberal" papacy. With a College of Cardinals hand picked by the him, we can be assured that the papacy will follow the path paved by the enlightenment and truth of John Paul.

What these nagging voices have not embraced, is the truth of our dignity as men and women. The Pope, coining the phrase "feminine genius", spoke directly to the unique and irreplaceable role of women in the Church and in the whole community.

I love the quote Helen Alvaré told us about from a meeting she was at with the Holy Father. He said, "Remember, I am the 'Feminist Pope!'" He tried to inculcate society to the dignity of woman, and not the "cheap equalization with man." John Paul encourages us, as women, to embrace our uniqueness as women, for true women's liberation is about "helping her to be herself."

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