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Are you concerned about "Net Neutrality?" You should be!

At first glance, net neutrality seems like a good thing, a way to keep rates from going up, and keep internet providers from overcharging for downloading, surfing, viewing videos, and so on. But if it were that simple, maybe there would be more transparency in what Obama and the FCC are planning: to introduce these net neutrality rules on December 20 and approve them immediately. No one but the FCC can see the contents of these rules.

What is hidden, is what the Huffington Post's Joseph A. Palermo commissioned to Obama last year: to use the FCC to "lock in this advantage" and guarantee ""progressive social change." By making the internet a Title II entity, and providing internet for everyone, governmental regulations come right along with it.

The internet will then be state controlled media, akin to the Fairness Doctrine that looms for radio broadcasting that disagree with the State. The mainstream media already belongs to the State, next will come radio and internet.

Say goodbye to the First Amendment as we know it!

Do you see changes coming down the pike? Is net neutrality and a state controlled internet a threat to First Amendment rights?

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