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Pope prays Way of the Cross in his suffering

VATICAN CITY, Vatican, April 1 (CNA) - During the press conference this morning on the state of Pope John Paul II's health, Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls revealed the Pontiff requested a meditation on the Way of the Cross.

"The Pope has always been conscious," Navarro-Valls said. "Around 7:15am, remembering that today is Friday, the day on which ever since he was a young priest he has prayed the Way of the Cross, the Holy Father requested the 14 stations be prayed. He followed the prayers attentively. He made the sign of the cross during each of the stations."

Shortly after finishing the Way of the Cross," Navarro-Valls continued, "he asked to pray the Liturgy of the Hours."

He also said the Pope received visits from several of his collaborators.

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