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FDA Seeks Public Input for Morning After Pill

The Culture of Life Foundation reports on a vital issue related to women's health. The FDA is under extreme pressure to approve over the counter sales of the so-called morning after pill that can cause abortions. The FDA is asking for public input. Read the link above and then act. Go to the FDA, read their statement and at the bottom fill out their online comment form to let the FDA know your thoughts. It is especially important for doctors and pharmacists to respond.

The public has until NOVEMBER 1 to respond!

The truth is:

"Greater access to Plan B does nothing to reduce surgical abortions according to a recent report she coauthored, which presents the findings of several studies on the topic. One of the studies from Scotland reported that "in Glasgow , morning-after pill prescriptions increased 300 percent from 1992 to 1999. Yet, abortions did not decrease. In Lothian, where schools handed out condoms and sent pupils to clinics for morning-after pills, teenage pregnancies among 13 to 15- year-olds soared 10 percent in one year."

Research from the UK also revealed that over the counter access to Plan B "coincides with surges in STD rates. In areas where a limited program began in 1999 . . . chlamydia cases rose from 7,000 in 1999 to 10,000 cases in 2002. Gonorrhea cases climbed nearly 50 percent, to nearly 3,000 cases in 2002 . . . Abortions increased by nearly 6,000 in a one year period, jumping 3.2 percent in 2003 from 2002, with the largest leap among girls under the age of 16." -From Concerned Women for America

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