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There She Goes Again (and again, and again, and...)

More Lawsuits Against Ortho-Evra

How we ladies do love the convenience of our patch. How wonderful to stick it on our body and forget it! It leaves so much more time for dancing and dining, and running through the rain...(wretch)

But before you "stick it" this month, Red Herring reports: The FDA has logged more than 9,100 complaints of adverse reactions to Ortho-Evra since October 2005, as compared with around 1,200 complaints for Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Ortho-McNeil’s traditional BCP, over a period of six years. The FDA said that this really only represents 1 to 10 percent of actual patch-related problems.

The latest lawsuit is filed by Carla and Jason Fletcher of Illinois, seeking 1.3 million in damages.

Is it time for the FDA to do something? Or are they just too busy patting themselves on the back for letting the Morning After Pill through?

Funerals and Breast Cancer Pledge-a-thons, gives the feminists something to do these days.

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