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Obama needs some lessons from Uganda

Let's talk pragmatic! If Obama really wants to be pragmatic, he should take a few lessons from Janet Museveni of Uganda.

HIV/AIDS decreased 30% through her abstinence-only education initiative. If Obama truly wants abortions to decrease, he would agree to this grassroots campaign of educating the youth of America in the health benefits of abstinence. Why did HIV/AIDS decrease? In part, because pre-marital sex decreased. In 1994 the USAID report states, 60% of teenage Ugandan men age 13-16 were sexually active. In 2001, 5% of that age group reported sexual activity. In the US, not only would sexually transmitted diseases decrease, also a decrease in unwanted pregnancies and the abortions they result in would be the by-product. But if STDs decrease, then Merck drug company would have no reason to market Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccination (cervical cancer is proven a direct result of contracting the STD called Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV).

And then, there's always the money from the pro-abortion groups to whom Obama is heavily indebted. How would he pay back NARAL (National Abortion Rights League)and Planned Parenthood for all those campaign contributions?

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