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Coakley takes the heat off Sarah Palin

Why would I put Palin and Coakley in the same sentence? Not because they have any political similarity- only because now Conservatives have someone to demonize- although it’s not difficult. Martha Coakley, Ted Kennedy’s party replacement thought she had it all sewn up, but the polls tell the real truth. Republican candidate Scott Brown is ahead by four percentage points as of January 15, and turning out to be a popular candidate among Independents and disillusioned Democrats, who may just determine this Massachusetts US Senate race.

Coakley is doing a great job of demonizing herself- and the fact speak loudest. Just recently, in an interview with radio host Ken Pittman, when discussing conscience clause rights for health care workers, she declared that devout Catholics “should probably not work in emergency rooms” if they oppose Plan B for rape victims. In one blow, she may have just alienated 39% of her state’s population.

Even more disturbing is her track record as Attorney General. In 2005, Coakley failed to adequately prosecute a rapist who sexually abused his own niece with a hot curling iron. Released without bail, the rapist turned out to be the son of a prominent union member and contributor to her campaign.

The facts also seem to escape Martha on a convenient basis. When asked about the assault on a reporter attempting to interview her concerning her Afghanistan remarks, she claims not to have seen anything, and thus could not comment. But YouTube doesn’t lie- the image reveals her clearly observing the incident provoked by her own bodyguard. And what about the mistakenly overlooked $200,000 in assets she failed to report to the IRS last year? Another convenient oversight.

This race may turn out to be a tortoise and the hare fairy tale, as her opponent Scott Brown pounds the pavement and woos possible constituents. Commenting on Brown’s willingness to stand in the cold and shake hands with voters, she says: “…standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?’’

Her stand-offishness and willingness to snub voters is even plainer when she blunders that Boston Red Sox retired pitcher, who endorses opponent Brown, is a Yankee fan. The press made fun of Palin who said she can see Russia from her back yard. Coakley can’t even see people in her own state. It doesn't take bad press to convict Coakley. Unlike with Palin and the reporters, you can’t make this stuff up. The Democrats deserve to lose this seat, by endorsing such a clueless candidate.

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