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Connecticut has good candidates if you know where to look

It should be an interesting day on Tuesday! But unless you look closely, the choices seem nebulous this time around, especially for Connecticut. What about Linda McMahon? She is "personally" opposed to abortion, you know the drill. Her bio declares her Catholic, CINO. But compared to Blumenthal, she's a saint!

NARAL Pro-Choice America endorsed Blumenthal hands down for his championing of women's "reproductive choice" in Connecticut. Blumenthal courted that vote, and unabashedly claims, "I will always stand up and protect a woman's right to choose."

Blogger Juan O'Callahan minces no words about Blumenthal:
Catholics, hopefully, will not vote for pro-abortion Attorney General Dick Blumenthal. (Blumenthal overrode his own state’s Department of Public Health decision and personally authorized the state’s taxpayer public funding of abortions under the children’s healthcare program Husky B.) Blumenthal would undoubtedly fight to preserve Obamacare intact, probably expanding its abortion-permissiveness roles, and even promoting reinstatement of the currently banned late term D&X Partial Birth Abortion method.
And remember the stunt he pulled when Bush pushed through the conscience clause right before he left office? Blumenthal sued the Department of HHS over it.

Another NARAL endorsement who needs to go is Chris Murphy. Murphy, along with his fellow congressmen (DeLauro, Himes, Courtney, Larson, Dodd and Lieberman), voted 100% pro-abortion across the board. None of them were ever even absent for a vote. They've got some debts to pay, I guess. If we want pro-life representation for Connecticut, we need to vote out all these Representatives!

The only good thing about Blumenthal running is that he'll lose his seat as AG. Candidate for AG Martha Dean is "the most intellectually substantive candidate running for state office in Connecticut, Martha is pro-family and can articulate our values," according to Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of Connecticut.

Visit this link for more info on pro-life choices for Connecticut.

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