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The Pope did not say condoms were OK!

Janet Smith explains it well. 

I won't do it justice- but from an NFP standpoint, all I can say is: if a homosexual (with or without AIDS) is having anal sex, isn't he already in grave sin? For that matter, is the condom even contraception?

If he had AIDS, what would make it worse would be infecting his partner. This would be a grave evil.

Another good explanation is here (my article)
and commentary from Lisa Graas.
And Jimmy Akin.
And Fr. Z.


  1. Thanks for this! And thanks for the comment on mine. Do you know what's really awesome in all this? An army of faithful Catholic bloggers immediately jumped in to clarify for him. I just think that's awesome.

    Blessings! And thanks again for the link.

  2. And thanks for the tweet, Lisa. I really like your blog. God bless!