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Juan Diego and OLG convert millions- Feast day Dec. 12

Juan Diego's fiat allowed millions of Aztecs to be converted from their practice of human sacrifice and polygamy to Catholicism. Ten million were converted in ten years! There weren't enough priests to perform the baptisms!

An Aztec Skull Rack (tzompantli in Nahuatl-Aztec language), displayed the heads of sacrificed human victims. In one ritual, 80,000 men were sacrificed to Quetzlcoatl, their supreme god.

The Aztec people were brilliant, yet cruel, with their tens of thousands of sacrifices to their gods. Listen to audio homily with some description of Aztec sacrifice and the conversion of Aztecs on account of Juan Diego.

Juan Diego was raised to sainthood in 2002, without even one miracle attributed to him. Millions of conversions is miracle enough, but on the day of his canonization, God granted the miracle to a fatherless boy.

Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego, pray for us!

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