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Have we helped Fr. Corapi, or hurt him?

The following comment was posted on Facebook, as a reaction to the July 5 report on the press release from the Rev. Gerard Sheehan, SOLT Regional Priest Servant:
Why continue to perpetuate negativity about Fr. Corapi? Its (sic) out there where everyone can read it, leave it there, on the outside. Offering prayer for him and perpetuating the viciousness is two faced.

Is the blogging world being viciously two-faced? Plenty of blame has gone around the internet and blogosphere, from Fr. Corapi's former Bishop, in the SOLT press release, from various Facebook and blog commentators, and of course, from the Black Sheepdog himself. Bloggers have pulled back, realizing their comments were harsh and judgmental. But, is it "perpetuating negativity" for Fr. Corapi's SOLT to release a statement that details the investigative findings?

From the very first, Fr. Corapi made dramatic statements of his own, which "perpetuated negativity" against his superiors, along with a refusal to obey. Corapi supporters followed, hoped and prayed, convinced of his innocence. This is natural, we presume innocence until proven guilty. But did supporters think critically, realizing the danger their souls were in by ignoring the authority of a bishop, and grumbling, "perpetuating negativity" of their own?

Back in March, Fr. Z wrote a very thoughtful piece, "Priests, holiness, and avoiding spiritual peril," in which he wrote,
Turning priests or bishops into idealized icons of holiness is fraught with spiritual peril.  Admire the admirable, of course.  But we need a necessary corrective in our admiration, namely, that the sole Holy One of God is Jesus Christ, the only perfect High Priest and actual minister of all graces which Holy Church’s ministers have the honor to mediate.

The current situation calls for our discretion. To continue to promote Fr. Corapi's talks, when he has been ordered by his superiors to refrain from speaking publicly can also be spiritually perilous for the faithful. If blind admiration continues to empower an errant priest to continue in his error, do these actions help to reconcile a priest with the Church, or the disillusioned faithful back to faith?

And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan has desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat. 32 But I have prayed for you, that your faith fail not: and you, being once converted, confirm your brethren. Luke 22:31

At this point, we need to pray for our priests, pray for each other, and keep our eyes open.

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