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Sisters of Life and Connecticut student singing group bound for Madrid

 Norwalk student singing group bound for Madrid

The Sisters of Life Schola have teamed up with St. Mary's Student Schola of Norwalk, Connecticut to sing at the English-speaking Masses of World Youth Day this August in Madrid. What is so special about this group? For starters, they sing only Gregorian chant and polyphony. The WYD English-speaking Masses will include all the Propers, chanted by the Student Schola, and the Ordinary and other motets in polyphony with the Sisters of Life. A benefit concert will be performed at St. Mary Church in Norwalk, CT with the proceeds going to fund the trip for the students and their chaperones. The Schola has also recorded as CD, which will be available for purchase at the concert, or online by visiting their website: .
As if singing at World Youth Day wasn't enough, the Schola will also travel to Toledo, where they will sing for the Primate of all Spain, Archbishop Braulio Rodriguez Plaza, at one of the greatest Gothic structures in Europe, the Toledo Cathedral. The roster of activities will not conclude until the Schola has sung a Traditional Latin Mass at the Monasterio de la Encarnacion in Avila, where St. Teresa was received into the Carmelite order, and Juventutem, the Traditional Latin Mass counterpart to World Youth Day.

Help this extraordinary group get to Spain, to bring the beauty of Gregorian chant and polyphony, the true music of the Church, to the participants at World Youth Day. The youth there may never pray the Holy Mass the same way again! Donate here:
Read more here:  Norwalk student singing group bound for Madrid.

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