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A traditional type of Eucharistic flash mob

Fr. Greg Markey carries monstrance during procession
Corpus Christi at St. Mary's in Norwalk, CT
In the times after Christ's Ascension, when Christians were being openly persecuted, even killed, priests and holy messengers carried the Sacred Body of Christ, the Eucharist, to prisoners, and others who had no way to receive Holy Communion. The devotion and fervor for Jesus in the Eucharist was so strong, that early Christians were prepared to die to protect the Body of Christ, rather than see It desecrated. The Eucharistic, or Corpus Christi Procession, grew from this first practice of carrying the Eucharistic Lord from place to place. Now, out of hiding, Catholic Churches celebrate the feast day devoted to the Body of Jesus, Corpus Christi, the first Thursday (or Sunday) after Trinity Sunday.

Read about, see, and hear a traditional Corpus Christi procession, with all its splendor, that took place at St. Mary Church in Norwalk, CT, with the incredible choirs and scholas. Follow the link to If you've read this blog before, you know that music like this can be heard every week at St. Mary's, and the traditions that belong to our Holy Mother Church are preserved as timeless in St. Mary's daily and weekly Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Church is alive and well.

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