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Here is a response I received from the Florida H.R.

Dear Constituent:

Thank you for your email. I appreciate you taking the time to contact me regarding this very important issue.

If Terri Schiavo's family chooses to continue the fight for their daughter's life, I hope they will explore all of their remaining legal options.

I believe if we are going to make a mistake in this situation we should err on the side of life. Therefore, if the Legislature can find a way to help Terri, we should pursue it aggressively. Unfortunately we have not yet identified an appropriate action, in addition to those we've already taken, that would be helpful.

What we do know is that this has been a painful tragedy for Terri and her family, and the Florida Legislature is currently working on legislation to ensure that no other family is subjected to the same confusion that the Schindlers have endured.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved and, of course, especially with Terri.

Speaker Allan G. Bense
Florida House of Representatives

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