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Fatherhood Optional?

How many are sick of seeing men portrayed as bumbling and incompetent in our world of entertainment? (Even super heroes aren't exempt!)I guess the men have been brainwashed too. Feminism with its women-superior attitude has seeped into our culture like the proverbial frog in a pot.

The progression continues; and the brainiacs at the National Center for Men have sold it very well.

It seems that the testosterone only goes so far: these men have been lied to about women's ability to procreate ("I had no idea!")and it's all the women's fault that the men have to pay child support!! They are seeking equal rights vis-a-vis Roe v. Wade for Men! (Sounds as simple as Hair Club for men!)

The ultimate in immaturity- take absolutely no responsibility for your actions- and blame someone else to boot!

I wonder how many are really on board?

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