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Planned Parenthood's breast exams are not mammograms- and Komen only funds 5%!
When you hear that Komen would deny women life saving breast exams by pulling funding, what do you think? Oh-Planned Parenthood saves women's lives by performing mammograms on uninsured and underinsured women, right? Well, think again. Firstly, breasts exams are not mammograms. And Komen realized that. And second, it seems that Komen funds only 5% of those breast exams performed at Planned Parenthood.

According to
Even if Komen were to discontinue every penny of funding to the nation’s biggest abortion business, it would still be funding hundreds of thousands of breast exams for women. Moreover, Planned Parenthood doesn’t receive such a large amount of funding from Komen that its breast exams would suffer (keep in mind it doesn’t do mammograms).
So, tell your friends- should Komen cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, it does not mean "death to women,", as Cecile Richards falsely claims.

The fight continues. What does Planned Parenthood really do? Perform abortions, refer for abortions, give abortion inducing drugs, and hand out contraception that acts as an abortifacient. Do they counsel for adoption? The numbers are miniscule, and dwindling still. Do they give pregnant women ultrasounds? Not if they are considering abortion. But they allow illegal practices such as statutory rape to go unreported, and help to transport minors over state lines for abortions. Hey Cecile, this is life-saving work?

What's been completely ignored are Community Health Centers. These health centers perform everything Planned Parenthood claims to provide, minus breaking the law and abortions.

In the right sidebar of this blog, you will find a former PP manager's tell-all book: "Unplanned" by Abby Johnson. It's an easy read, and an eye opener. And many more PP workers have come forward to tell the truth.

The noise continues about Planned Parenthood, mostly from PP themselves. This is, of course, to distract from the congressional investigation and numerous other investigations that are going on throughout the country.

And Komen is still unclear about the funding. My dollars are not going to Komen. Not until Komen really steps up to save women- from Planned Parenthood and ultimately from themselves.

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