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Terri is still fighting!

Brother Paul O'Donnell, a spiritual advisor to Terri's parents, reports that Terri is doing "remarkable": still alert, responsive and fighting after ten days with her only nourishment a drop of the Precious Blood.

However, this was not a gesture of kindness on Michael Schiavo's part, to allow Terri to receive the Blessed Sacrament. "We're just grateful that it was done," the spiritual advisor states.

Judging by this interview, it is obvious that the MSM is focusing on Terri's death, not the fight that is left in her.

"Everyone is willing to write this woman's obituary except one person and that's Terri Schiavo." reports Brother O'Donnell. "She's hanging in there."

Isn't this enough of an indication of Terri's wishes?

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