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Join Obama's Martha's Vineyard Pro-Life Vacation Protest!

The health care bills in Congress could result in the greatest expansion of abortion funding since the 1970's—and President Obama refuses to admit it. It's time to call him on it.

You, and Family Institute of Connecticut members are invited to Woods Hole, MA for a press conference this Thursday, August 27 at 9:45 in the morning, and then over to Martha's Vineyard by Ferry to join a protest against the President's Abortion Mandate.

We will join pro-life activist Chris Slattery in helping to expose a pro-life message against our Abortion insurance Mandate President during his Martha's Vineyard Vacation stay this Thursday. There will be no civil disobedience, and no arrests planned.

This protest will get media attention with the message that pro-life Americans will not tolerate an abortion mandate in health care reform.

Start time is Thursday, August 27 at 9:45am and end time is Friday, August 28 at 5:00pm. Where: Martha's Vineyard Starting at Mainland Ferry & then on Island

To RSVP call Chris Slattery at 914-224-5773 or for more details Facebook users should follow this link:

And please click here to support Connecticut's leading pro-life organization: The Family Institute of Connecticut!

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